Writeaim Services



Whether you’re starting from scratch or revamping your site, Writeaim can help you with a strategy to improve your SEO, speak directly to your audience, present the benefits of your offerings, and cultivate relationships with your clients through a blog or enewsletter.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is marketing collateral that is mailed directly to your customer to increase your customer base. This typically includes sales letters and postcards. The most important element of direct mail success is a good list.


Speak to your prospective customers about how your product or service meets their needs and/or solves their problems. A brochure is usually in the form of a single-page or tri-fold booklet.


Position yourself as an expert in your field. A newsletter can be a great freebie to give to your prospective customers (as long as it’s useful). Include a case study or two to explain to your customers how you’ve solved problems for clients just like them.


Demonstrate thought leadership and generate leads in a single document. A crossbreed of a magazine article and brochure, the white paper is a powerful marketing tool. Whether you are making a case for a certain technology or methodology or describing how a technology works, a white paper combines high-level business benefits with technical details. Attract specific types of audiences including engineers, business executives, and other key decision makers.

Press Releases

Press coverage is more objective than marketing collateral your company produces, so prospective customers tend to consider it to be more truthful. A press release needs to be newsworthy, attention-grabbing, and ready to print so it will be picked up by the media.


How-to articles are a great way to position yourself as an expert in your field. Offer your prospective customers something of value in a how-to article, and chances are they’ll give you their business.